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Etern Meta is a "Metaverse of Metaverses", akin to "Disney World", powered by AI & Web3 in spatial computing. Envision a digital oasis of endless worlds for work, edutainment, leisure, and networking. Members morph digitally as avatars of their choice, via VR, web, or mobile. Our platform curates worlds, limited only by vast imaginations. Owners can evolve their VR realms to build empires, merging dreams with reality in this digital multiverse.

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The Etern Metaverse’s technology and infrastructure is exclusively developed by DejaVu Quest, Inc.

DejaVu Quest is a South Florida based Web3 / Metaverse native company specializing in virtual reality, decentralized Web3 application development, Metaverse related AI and virtual world platforms. It’s a part of the South Florida tech ecosystem and a member of the Blockchain Game Alliance.